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New committee formed in MUNA NJN Chapter

On Januray 31st, 2011, the Muna New Jersey North chapter had a new committee formed for the term of two years (2011-2012). The selection was done in main chapter, sub chapter men, sub chapter women and sub chapter youth boy. The following brothers and sister were selected for the two year term.

MUNA NJN Chapter - Committee

Brother Faruk Ahmed was selected as a president of this chapter. Br. Adullah Moon was selected as the secretary. Br. Enamur Rahman was selected a Vice presedent, Mohammed Mohiudding was selected as a treasurer, Br. Tahidull Islam was selected as Youth director and Salma Chowdhury was selected as the women chapter president.

Sub chapter Men - Committee

For sub chapter men, Br. Tahidull Islam was selected a president, secretary as Br. Muzammil Hoque and trainner/Coach as Br. Hafiz Nazmul Islam Faruquee. Br. Abudul Ahad as library sectrary and Br. Mohammed A Ahad as a men sub chapter treasurer and Librarian.

Sub chapter Youth Boy - Committee

For sub chapter Youth, Br. Isfaqur Rahman Sadi was selected a president, secretary as Br. Shofiqul Alam and Maskut Ahmed as a yourh sub chapter treasurer.

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